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  • A Young Carer is a young person who provides regular care and support to a family member, who may be physically or mentally ill, has a disability or a form of dependency.


  • Young Carers vary in age. In Somerset, children under 18 currently receive specific support as Young Carers. It is known that in some cases children start to have caring responsibilities from a very young age. 


  • Care responsibilities of Young Carers go beyond the usual level of helping out at home. Their responsibilities can include:

    • Housework

    • Healthcare (including administering medication)

    • Personal care

    • Cooking and shopping

    • Caring for siblings


  • The most recent census in the UK (2011) showed that there were around 175,000 Young Carers nationally. There are currently around 200 known Young Carers in Somerset, but in reality, there are probably many more - we just don’t know about them.


  • A survey has shown that around two-thirds of Young Carers care for parents, but around a third help to care for a sibling who may be ill or has a disability.