what is friends of somerset young carers project?


Somerset Young Carers’ Project is run by Somerset County Council. However, funds are limited to covering the basic service.


Friends of Somerset Young Carers Project (‘Friends’) is a registered charity. It was set up in 2006 when it became apparent that the Young Carers in Somerset needed more support to help them to put their worries and caring responsibilities to one side for a short time, to allow them to be children again.


Friends is run by a small group of trustees from all walks of life, with a common interest in supporting young people.


We do our best to raise awareness of Young Carers in Somerset, support the Project’s work and ensure that any donated funds are spent in the best possible way.

what does the friends charity do to help young carers in somerset?

With the funds we receive, we provide financial support to the Young Carers’ fortnightly groups, for example, providing art materials or funding a special activity.


We also provide the funds so that the Young Carers can go on trips, such as visits to the zoo, pantomime, swimming or conservation activities. These trips and activities give the Young Carers a chance to meet up with their peers from the other groups in a non-stressful environment and for them to realise that they are not alone.


The Friends sometimes receive applications from the Project for individual funding. This might be to allow a Young Carer to be able to participate with activities at school, or to fund extra lessons so they have the chance to excel at something.