As you may be aware, Somerset County Council is facing a severe funding crisis and is considering the withdrawal of funding from the Young Carer's Project.


In the past we may have been able to say 'go to your youth club instead' but now, in most circumstances, the provision of youth clubs has also been cut, leaving these vulnerable young people with no place to find help, support or respite.

Somerset County Council is offering the voluntary/Community sector £30,000 seed funding to run a Young Carers Service. However we do not believe a suitable/sustainable service can be achieved under these circumstances.

Cutting support to the YCP will represent a huge blow to these children's life chances. We also believe any cost-savings now will only be spent later when these children require additional support as a result of these decisions.



After serious consideration, therefore, Friends of Somerset Young Carers have decided we will no longer continue raising funds should the Young Carers’ Project be closed or outsourced.


As a result  over £20,000 pa that we now raise will no longer be available.


This is because we would not feel confident donations would be directed specifically to the young carers themselves.



Somerset County Council meet on 11th February 2019 to make a final decision on funding of the Young Carers' Project. If, like us, you feel support for vulnerable young people in Somerset is not a discretionary decision but a necessity, then please contact your local MP or County Councillor and ask them to vote against any such decision.

Below are a list of links for your particular MP - as well as the link to your own county councillor.

With many thanks,

Friends of Somerset Young Carers

Contact you MP: 

Find you Country Councillor here: Somerset County Council

You can also sign a petition at Change.Org here.

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash